A short, yet informative post about Bluetooth headphones that were supposed to change my life.

Unboxing the Plantronics Backbeat Fit

It’s been a dream  of mine to do an unboxing post. It seems to be a thing amongst that young and tech aware. You buy some new tech that you have ALWAYS WANTED, and then, instead of acting  normally, ripping it open with your teeth, inadvertently cutting through the instructions, lose a vital part and then get really pissed off that you have bashed it into the wall before you have even left the house and shown off with it. Instead of that you “unbox” it.


The box

People painstakingly, undo the box. Like a romantic wedding night in the movies ( and not the drunken ones that many of us are accustomed to, where you end up naked on a balcony), they delicately peel of layer by layer. Stopping to appreciatively photograph each stage (is this still a wedding night? I don’t know any more). These people obviously get many more gadgets than I do, if they can delay their pleasure for so long. I want it and I want it now. I have waited weeks for this day. There has  been obsessive Googling. Daydreaming. Fantasising. Filling and unfilling my shopping cart at JBHifi before I get to swipe my card. I have waited long enough

Just for once, though, I tried to be one of those pleasure prolongers. This time, the item concerned were my new Plantronics backbeat fit headphones. Obviously, with Bluetooth headphones I would be able to death metal myself into an aggressive and powerful state where I could double my personal records in a matter of weeks. There would be no cords to get stuck in. An important consideration given that I put a kettlebell on a dreadlock when I was laying down the other day. Headphones, and cordless ones at that, were set to be a game changer. I would become a Goliath amongst women simply by prodding squishy plastic into my ear.  Such a vital piece of kit, was surely deserving of ceremonial derobing.

Of course, the unboxing was also motivated by having a bonafide blog. By unboxing on my blog I had joined the ranks of proper blogger. Now people will take me seriously.


That evening I took them to the gym. There was some strutting. Not only was I a proper blogger, I was also a proper lifter. I was wearing my wannabe crossfitter shoes,  new neon green accoutrements in my ears. I was to be taken seriously.

My play list was seriously inadequate (nolstagic 90s BritPoP with a sprinkling of the Beach Boys). I do not have aggressive and powerful music. I had to stream the Spotify  pumping iron. Slipknot and Rage against the Machine got me through my back squats. Everything sounded okay. Music appreciation is a bit elusive to me. It was loud enough. Stayed in my ears. Easy to control by jabbing at my ears. Volume on one side that tells me when I have reached the top of the range. Best thing was  that they stayed connected to Spotify when i wandered off to the water fountain for a drink. My GPS watch can’t cope with being that far from the phone. It has serious abandonment issues.  They felt comfortable. Even lying down when I was doing some kettlebells later. The back is flexible enough to be comfortable. They take a bit of a knack  to get them in the ear but once they are in, they are secure and happy

All went well. I wandered off to the leg press machine and they remained comfortable as I grunted my way through my sets. The Physio came and spoke to me about by elbow. I saw him approach and casually removed one ear piece. As we spoke, I became more uncomfortable, however. Not because one ear piece was hanging down. Well not for any structural reason. I began to obsess about whether they was ear wax attached to the suspended ear bud. Was I really having a conversation with health professional with earbud, dripping wax, entangled in my dreadlock? Seeing as during the days previous at work I had wandered round with my skirt caught in my belt and hay in my hair, I could not rely on myslelf to present in a reasonable way. Thankfully, it turned out that the buds aren’t  ear wax magnets. So I just got to be paranoid about the fat lip I had from hitting myself in the face with my car door.

Here’s your reward for getting to the bottom. If you want to know more about the headphones from people who really know about gadgetry.

CNET reviewTom’s Guide reviewGizmodo review


The Unboxing


The box


It opens like a book


And has headphones inside and a black carry case


Wait! No its green


With a belt thing. What sorcery is this?




It has butttons. How do you know what they do when they are in your ear? Do you have to ask some one? Touch my ear please.


No…touch the other side


The green belted pouch is great if you have a) a smaller arm than me and b) a smaller phone than me



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  1. Pol Im allergic to the E word (exercise) but I LOVE the way you write so Im following you (slightly stalkery I know) GREAT BLOG yayyyyyyyyyyyy


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