Five on a Friday: My GOT Inspiration

In the interests of research, I have completed many “which game of thrones character are you” quizzes over the years. Today’s selection gave me Khal Drogo, Sansa, No One, and the Onion Knight. Spotify thinks I’m Arya based on my music selections. While I certainly would like to consider myself just a little bit badass, I know that none of these would really represent me.

Men want to be Jon Snow and the Khal, women want to be Danaerys or Arya. Seems we all rather inflate ourselves when it comes to who is most like us. And our inspirations are rather obvious. Which is why I dedicate my first Five on Friday to that prince among men, Samwell Tarly.

Here are my 5 reasons why Sam is the guy who keeps me going when things are tough.

  1. He’s really shit at running. When he was running through the snow, away from the white walkers, he did it in the way I would do it All enthusiasm so start with and then mainly a lot of trudging. When ever I think I can’t do something exercise wise, I think of Sam in the snow and think “if Sam can do it, I can do it”
  2. He does the right thing even if he is really, really scared. This is the best kind of hero.  He would never be so scared that there would be a tsunami that he would tell his best friend in the whole world, who was many, many months pregnant, that she couldn’t rely on him to save her in an civil emergency as he would likely be too busy saving his own skin with his excellent survival instincts. Nope. He wouldn’t do that.
  3. He’s loyal to his friends. He hasn’t had many through his life and really backs the ones he has. He definitely wouldn’t stay in his best friends house for the weekend, eat all her food and then declare that he had made a new best friend.
  4. He reminds me of Samwise Gamgees and I sort of love him too. Loyalty. I value loyalty. Maybe because I struggle with that a bit myself. Today, I am considering taking up citizenship of another country just because I’m grumpy.
  5. He has a super slow metabolism. He can live on rations in the snow, walk for miles, train  and stay fat,  proving my point that some of us are just born to be majestically  upholstered, and no amount of horsemeat, gruel and regular daily exercise will change that.


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