On Track

Short and sweet for me this week, but I wanted to share my new thing!

I’ve become obsessed with bullet journaling lately. All because I was looking, obsessively (is there any other way?) for my 2017 Diary and I couldn’t find one that quite met my needs.

I wanted one that would do everything. With a week to view, and a monthly planner and space for all my brilliant (?) ideas. Then I stumbled across the bullet journaling phenomenon and the idea that I could make my own journal that could tick all my boxes.

After my initial perfectionism kicking in after seeing the examples on Insta and Pinterest (don’t look, its like the total perspective vortex in hitchhikers…guaranteed to lead to fatal feelings of inadequacy), I was able to get out of my own way and begin to craft a journal that would meet my needs.

The journal consists of many parts, only of interest to myself, but I did want to share my habit tracker.

One of the habits I’m most ashamed of has been using the phone in the car. I have justified this behaviour in many ways. I don’t do it on the motorway, only at red lights…but I had noticed that there had been some behaviour drift.

A news story in the UK at the start of last month really brought home the tragic consequences after a driver was sentenced to 10 years for killing four people. He had been scrolling through his music for 45 seconds on the motorway before the crash. I consider myself a good person, yet I was engaged in a behaviour that could lead to an outcome that I wouldn’t be able to live with, and other people may not survive.


This drove me to developing my habit tracker. I popped it in the front of my journal and got so much satisfaction from marking the box saying that I had another phone free car day. Since using the tracker, I have also managed to take my lunch to work, every day that I was at the office, and not buy coffees on those days either. Both were entrenched habits until I started tracking them.
There’s so much science behind tracking as a behaviour change and monitoring tool. It’s like my grown up star chart and its made a huge difference.  I haven’t used the phone in the car since the 2nd November ( I also have a ribbon on the steering wheel to remind me of the victims and I keep the phone in the back of the car).
I’m really excited to to change the list next month as I made some pretty bold goals this month that were a little, over optimistic.

Oh, and in case you were thinking …she does no exercise. I have a whole separate system for that. (You weren’t thinking that of course, my over inflated impression management drive went haywire for a bit).

 The orange Journal I’m saving until 2017. Its a Leuchtturm  dotted grid one from Fitzgerald Taylor in Devonport. It was the most delightfully packaged purchase that I have ever received am I’m now in a total panic about making a mistake  in it. Hence the Frixion rubby outy pens.

I’m keen to hear other people’s successes in habit tracking too. So that I know that I am part of a community of obsessive list makers.

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