Fast track to nowhere

The eagle eyed physiotherapist noticed it straight away “You’ve got another one”.

“Yeah but its second hand. I got it from trade me. It was cheap. It doesn’t really count”.

You know you have a problem with fitness gadgets when you’re having to justify their purchase to your health professional. I seem to remember a similar conversation with him when I bought the Garmin Vivoactive too. Although that time, I also remember trying to cover it up with my sleeve. I had relapsed. I had only declared to my personal trainer two weeks before that I wasn’t going to get one as I was happy pairing the Garmin Vivofit with a chest strap to get all the data I needed.

And here I am again, this time with a Jawbone Up 3 ( My second Jawbone) on my wrist.

“I got it for my sleep”desperately clutching at straws.

He looks a bit confused and says something akin to…”just go to bed”. Continue reading “Fast track to nowhere”


Navel Gazing and the Reward Principle

There has been quite a bit of navel contemplation lately. The thought of an MRI has filled with me with dread, not for any reasonable fear, like being scared that an unrestrained fire extinguisher may hurl itself at my head. Nor the thought that some long forgotten piece of metal ingested as a child is going to burst, Ripley like, from my belly. What actually concerns me the most is that I may have to remove my navel ring. Continue reading “Navel Gazing and the Reward Principle”