Five on a Friday: My GOT Inspiration

In the interests of research, I have completed many “which game of thrones character are you” quizzes over the years. Today’s selection gave me Khal Drogo, Sansa, No One, and the Onion Knight. Spotify thinks I’m Arya based on my music selections. While I certainly would like to consider myself just a little bit badass, I know that none of these would really represent me.

Men want to be Jon Snow and the Khal, women want to be Danaerys or Arya. Seems we all rather inflate ourselves when it comes to who is most like us. And our inspirations are rather obvious. Which is why I dedicate my first Five on Friday to that prince among men, Samwell Tarly.

Here are my 5 reasons why Sam is the guy who keeps me going when things are tough. Continue reading “Five on a Friday: My GOT Inspiration”