Mood altering circumstances

This morning as I was driving towards the motorway, I watched with interest as at car in front appeared to tailgate the vehicle in front. I agreed, that the vehicle was going slow, but it couldn’t help it as was there was equally slow car ahead. So I settled in for another slow run.

As we turned to the corner to head up the hill, it became apparent that the blue 4×4 really was going slow. There was a long gap between the blue car and anything  ahead. Mmm, I thought, remembering what I had been taught as I learned to drive, they are leaving a long gap as  there is so little room behind. If it has to brake, it can brake slowly . Sensible. I felt magnanimous towards the blue car and a rising irritation, and resentment towards the tailgater. Continue reading “Mood altering circumstances”


Habit, motivation and the squat rack blues


Some people believe that there is no such thing as a bad workout. But some days, workouts really suck arse.

You get up late, you’re tired, and you ate badly the night before. You have no time to warm up, and what you do attempt, is with minimum effort and attention. This was me today, before attacking the squat rack. Some days there is little in the way of motivation. Some days you just feel miserable about it all. So how do people keep making sure that they work out when they have left their motivation behind? Continue reading “Habit, motivation and the squat rack blues”

A short, yet informative post about Bluetooth headphones that were supposed to change my life.

Unboxing the Plantronics Backbeat Fit

It’s been a dream  of mine to do an unboxing post. It seems to be a thing amongst that young and tech aware. You buy some new tech that you have ALWAYS WANTED, and then, instead of acting  normally, ripping it open with your teeth, inadvertently cutting through the instructions, lose a vital part and then get really pissed off that you have bashed it into the wall before you have even left the house and shown off with it. Instead of that you “unbox” it.

Continue reading “A short, yet informative post about Bluetooth headphones that were supposed to change my life.”